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Flutter Developer
Posted On: 28 Apr, 2021 | Exp: 31 Dec 2021
1. Design and build multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using Google's Flutter.
2. Collaborating closely with the teams of UX/UI designers, PMs, QAs, and other developers.
3. Review and maintain existing projects.
4. Handle bug fixing and improving application performance for existing and ongoing projects.
5. Participating in estimating the timeline for the new requirements and projects.


1. Candidates must have flutter and dart experience.
2. Minimum 2 to 3 years work experience in Android (Java/Kotlin) or iOS.
3. Experience of handling location services, notifications, video recording, rest APIs, 3rd party integrations in flutter.
4. Experience in Android and iOS publishing.
5. Expertise in handling user-friendly UI based on requirements in flutter.
6. Experience with offline storage, threading, low battery usage and performance tuning.
7. Experience with version control tools like Git. Basic knowledge of Payment Integration. Knowledge and understanding
of Firebase.
8. Good and hand-on experience with Flexbox layout for building Responsive pages.
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