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With our deep understanding of the World Wide Web and strong marketing expertise, we’ve helped scores of companies redefine what they are doing online.  So whether you need help redefining your current Online Strategy or need to start from scratch, we can help you create a plan that will exceed your expectations of what Online Marketing means for your business.

Our Process

We start by mapping out a client’s business model. A business model canvas puts everyone on the same page, helps to clarify your audience, revenue streams, sales channels and costs.  

We begin by understanding client requirements, business goals and their strengths. We proceed to carry out historical data analysis, market research and competition analysis. Post that, we work on different strategies which suit your business model and maximize your online investment. After successful execution, we track and monitor the campaign performance and provide a detailed report to clients.

Some of the queries and issues we observe many companies facing today are:

  • How do I know if my Online Marketing efforts are effective?
  • How do I fare among my competitors?  
  • Who are my target audience and how can I make a big impact ?
  • What are my competitors doing online and how can I move ahead of competition?
  • What role does social media play in my Online Marketing communications plan?
  • Do I use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google to promote my business?  Do I use them all?
  • Should I build my website before or after I put an Online Marketing plan in place?
  • How does Mobile Web impact my website and how do I respond?
  • Should I create a blog for my business, and if so, how do I make sure that it works?